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ISBN # 9781419910883
May 9, 2007
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
169 Pages
Menage a trois or More / Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Zarina is different from other women in her tribe. Raised by her father, the chieftain, she became something of a warrior and thought she was part of something special in her tribe. However, after her father's death, her tribe cast her out, leaving her all alone until fate led her to the twins.

Malik and Kalis are the seventh generation to endure the curse of a scorned sorceress. They are fated to wander from place to place forever lest they bring death and destruction to those they love, and even unsuspecting towns. They can only depend on each other and hope that someday they will meet the woman that can break the curse.

As their paths cross, Malik and Kalis are sure Zarina is the woman for them and that she can break the curse. Zarina is skeptical. After all, she is not what a woman should be; she is a warrior. As they spend more time with her, the brothers convince Zarina to trust them. She does and falls in love, but is willing to let them go if she cannot help them. They must work together to overcome the obstacles in their path to happiness.

Curses, a scorned sorcerer, a heroine who is tough as nails, and two beautiful males are a few things you will find in this story. Ms. Walters has spun a tale so exciting you will not want to put it down! Three Swords, One Heart is hot and steamy, sweet and tender. I want to be next in line to sign up for a set of warrior twins. Thank you, Ms. Walters for keeping readers entertained and giving us an escape from our daily grind. Please keep the wonderful books coming.

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