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ISBN#: (10)0-7783-2575-X/(13)978-0-7783-2575-8
February 2009
Mira Books
360 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Haley Corbin is going thru every mother’s worst nightmare. A deranged man has taken hostage students at an elementary school and her son, Noah, is one of them. The students are being reunited with their parents, but she has yet to see Noah. Everyone now believes he died in a fire in the building but she knows in her heart that Noah is alive and that someone must have taken him, yet no one will believe her.

Randall Shane is an ex-FBI agent who Haley has hired to get proof that her son is alive and that she is not crazy; she just wants her son back. Uncertain at first, he digs to see if there really might be a chance of Noah being alive and soon Randall knows that he is. Randall needs to find the boy before it is too late.

Finding out the circumstances behind Noah’s disappearance is a major part in why he has been taken and why everyone must believe he is dead. Going on instincts and some well connected people Shane and Haley are delving into a world that only exists from the greed of others wanting power. They must infiltrate this world in order to find Noah and bring him home safely.

This truly is a perfectly categorized suspense book. It is chock full of suspense. Awesome action and strange cult like people keep you hanging on every word. A whole other world of greed steps into light and you cannot help but root for the good guys to win and that, in this book, the mother–child bond will not be broken by any means. A tremendously entertaining read.

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