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ISBN# 978-0-06-117047-8
July 29, 2008
Avon Books/An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
372 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Evelyn "Evie" Waye is desperate to escape the fate her drunken father has put into play. Only when it becomes apparent that she has no choice will Evie choose a course that will put her father's wishes at a stalemate, as well as end her own fear and misery. She does not count on Adam though, and his unwillingness to allow her her final wish.

Adam Westmore is a grief stricken man who has not gotten over the death of his wife Teresa. He has no interest in ever loving any woman again and has vowed to remain faithful to Teresa's memory for the rest of his days. However, one woman is about to shake up his world and make him think about living again.

When Adam sees a young woman standing on a cliff looking out to sea, he almost turns away, but when she begins undressing and then actually jumps off the cliff he is stunned. Not wanting another young life to be snuffed out in the sea as his wife's was, Adam jumps into the ocean and begins a desperate search for the young woman. Fortunately he is able to find and pull her from the sea before any serious damage is done. However, Adam is unaware of the damage done by a callous father who is willing to sell his second daughter to the same man who murdered his first daughter in order to get money for his gambling habit. He is finally able to convince her that his cottage is isolated enough and that he will tell no one of her presence there until they can figure out something to do to help her. It is a while before Evie confesses her story, and it is not long at all before they begin having strong feelings for each other, but Adam is determined to resist the beautiful Evie. However, when the prince discovers where she is and sends his thugs to capture her, Adam is also captured and it is only through some quick thinking on his part as well as his being willing to ask for help that he is able to save Evie. But will Adam be willing to keep Teresa as a cherished memory, and allow himself to love Evie who already loves him, or will he walk away?

Too Dangerous to Desire is a wonderful as well as emotion laden romance. Evie's desperation to escape the madman who murdered her sister is palpable and lives and breathes throughout the entire book. Adam's determination to blame someone for the death of his wife Teresa is understandable, and watching his journey to finally realize that no one was to blame is heart wrenching. As a reader waiting in suspense for the evil prince to show up and try to ruin everything is bone chilling, but in an exciting way that keeps you glued to the pages. A well written romance with accurate historical detail that I am more than happy to recommend to those who enjoy their historical romance with a little something extra!

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