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ISBN# (10) 0-345-48549-1 and (13) 978-0-345-48549-6
March 2007
Ballantine Books
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
288 Pages
Ratings: 4 Cups

Caitlin Latch loves attending lavish gatherings where she can donate generously. Too bad her checking and savings accounts are maintaining a zero balance.

Lally Chandler Clemente has found another husband to spend her time, and his money.

Jessica DiSantini is not certain about dating any composer.

Janey Martinez is trying to block out her financial woes.

Caitlin has many ups and downs in her life, but her main focal point is her ten-year-old son, Aiden. He is her motivation as she tries to find the stability and security to raise him in a secure environment. Of course if it comes attached with a wealthy man, who would not mind being filthy rich? Her friend, Lally lives in a huge estate with her own problems when her daughter, Sienna, shows up. Lally is certain she is up to no good. After all, her daughter is capable of being creepy. Lally does not need any of this now since she is dealing with monstrous menopause. Jessica has her own dilemma, reasons to break up with Tom Bramberg and a list of reasons to stay. The lawyer in her begins to think on the way he loves his job more than her, to still grieving over his dead family, then to his great talents. For Janey, she feels like she has hit a dry spell as she attires herself in her real estate agent wardrobe and heads out to pursue her caravan listings, while popping pills to keep her body going full speed. Throughout it all, the women keep busy throughout the day and when Aiden begins to correspond with a stranger on the internet, Caitlin is all but concerned, even to going into his AOL account to make sure that he is not a victim. When things heat up with Aiden, Caitlin turns to the only ones to help in this situation, her true friends, as they search for answers.

To Keep a Husband is an entertaining read with some fine points, when it comes to the women looking out for the other as they endure their own plight. Lally with her menopause is a riot in some of the moments. I could feel for her with the hot flashes and everything. Caitlin and the concerns for Aiden, and the Internet had perks that worry many parents. I enjoyed Jessica and the way she continued to weigh her love relation with Tom. Janey, from the scene of gulping the Ativan and other pill-popping events is common among many. Lindsey Graves spins a story that keeps the readers interest. She weaves the women into some wild jaunts to find that one perfect man, of course if he is wealthy enough to give a life a luxury that is a bonus. This jocular sweet read with some humorous romps and a bit of mystery, along the way, is a delight. With some colorful secondary cast, it is a great addition to start the day, and has me looking for the next installment.

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