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ISBN# Unavailable
April 17, 2007
Forbidden Publications
25 Pages
Erotic Fantasy
Rating: 3 cups

Lightning is the lightning in human form. She is the mate of and in love with Thunder. She wears a medallion that glows when she and Thunder make love, and which with the lovemaking helps to re-energize her.

Thunder is the thunder in human form. He is the mate of Lightning. Thunder has a similar medallion to Lightning’s and like hers, his glows and re-energizes him.

Thunder and Lightning have been making love in a meadow at night trying to stay under Sun’s radar. Sun is jealous of their love and wants to destroy them so that she can get Lightning’s staff and thus rule both day and night. When Sun attacks Lightning for the first time, she destroys the meadow Lightning and Thunder love so much, and hurts Lightning badly. Fortunately, Lightning has friends, but will she and Thunder be able to stay together and stay alive now that Sun knows about them?

A delightful story that reads much like Native American lore, though minus the erotic parts. The story-telling nature of this piece makes it easy and enjoyable to read. The lovemaking is very hot and explicit, but fit well with the tone and purpose of this story. I enjoyed reading about these characters and both the main characters and the secondary characters have their own personalities which I personally really liked. If you enjoy stories about nature and how it may work coupled with some erotic love, then this is the story for you!

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