ISBN: 0-9754533-7-8
June 2005
LBF Books
P O Box 7989
Pittsburgh, PA  15216
226 pages
Historical/Time Travel Romance

With heavy-lidded blue eyes and thick dark curly hair, Christos Campanius Marcellus
was a statesman of privilege in Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius buried his city.  All of
the women wanted him.  He could have whoever he wanted, but he wanted the woman
of his dreams.

A romantic in Victorian England, brown-haired, green-eyed Valerie Sherwood Brooks
was working toward a teaching certificate from Queen’s College when her father
inadvertently fulfilled her dream by packing the family onto a ship headed for ancient
Pompeii.  Her lame left foot had Valerie giving up on love at eighteen, so pursuit of her
interests in antiquities was her joy.  Valerie’s dreams of love were just that – dreams.

Two fortune tellers, an old gypsy and Pencia in Italy, told warm loving Valerie stories that
disagreed with her conclusions.  One told of a love that would break Valerie’s heart, and
the other said that Valerie would travel through the mists to find her love.  With the way
things were going in her life, Valerie figured that she had enough of fortune tellers to last
two lifetimes.

What fabulous reading!  Ms. Moore has given us an enchanting story with an ageless
plot.  She has also combined genres with exquisite results.  Ms. Moore has an
imagination I envy.  I thoroughly enjoy her characters and creative use of historical
settings.  I, personally, want that scrumptious man she introduced.  In lieu of that
unfortunate impossibility, I will settle for a copy of this one-in-a-million book that I can
read again and again.  Get one for yourself. You, too, will look like the cat that swallowed
the canary when you have read it.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance