ISBN 1-59279-356-8
Amber Quill Press
April 2005
63 pages

Three Nights in Greece opens with the head of a security company discussing  
the hiring of an undercover operative, Layla, a former CIA operative who was captured
on her last government assignment.  She is smart, beautiful, and qualified for any
mission.  She can even handle the stress of finding out the handsome man she flirted
with at Starbucks potentially becoming her new boss.

Kevin is a single dad, an Irish immigrant and former policeman who owns a large
security firm.  He is brilliant, honorable with his employees, and he is gorgeous.  He may
have problems when he wants to hire Layla to help catch an antiquities thief in Greece.  
He has always maintained a “hands-off” policy with his employees, but he knows he
wants her from just looking at her picture.  After Layla accepts his offer of $100K to
pose as his girlfriend and find the smuggled artworks, it does not take the couple long to
make the ruse a reality with very hot results.

Three Nights In Greece, by Therese MacFarland is a wonderful book with a great plot
that is interesting and easy to follow.  The beautiful Greek background and compelling
characters draw readers into the book quickly.  The adventurous story line of antiquities
theft is fast and exciting with only a small logic problem that was a little distracting.

The love scenes between Kevin and Layla are sexy, caring, and a great example of a
common real-life romance dilemma: Since they both agreed to a casual fling, how do
Kevin and Layla admit they want more, without risking a broken heart?

Three Nights In Greece is a definite keeper and has become one of my favorite books
by Amber Quill Press.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time