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ISBN# 978-1-935348-30-6
April 14, 2009
Amira Press
46 Pages
Vampire/Wolf Shifter Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Laina is a vampire who is fascinated by the forbidden Wolfen. Unlike her own kind who seems to see them as even less than human, Laina admires them and longs to meet one.

Michael is one of the last of his kind; a Wolfen who, unlike most, lives alone. He lives only for finding revenge against the vampires who destroyed his life.

When Laina is finally unable to bear the callousness of her own kind, she decides to seek out that which the others of her kind abhor, a Wolfen. It does not take her long to find one, and rather than run, as perhaps she should given her clan’s violent history with the Wolfen, she stays and waits for him to awake. Michael’s senses tell him she is there almost instantly, but instead of attacking her, he seeks to use her to find out the secret of destroying the vampires. The funny thing is he never figured on loving one, but though Michael and Laina do love each other, her clan, and one she spurned plot dark deeds, and only their own cunning will be able to save them.

The Wolfen Lover is a delightful fantasy romance that I thoroughly enjoyed! Laina’s maturity and humanness reach out easily to the reader and it is obvious she is not anything like the other vampires who are bent on gluttony in its many forms. The story reads very much like a fairy tale, and unlike some fairy tales, it has a wonderful ending. I liked how Michael’s thirst for revenge while strong, was not the strongest force of his personality. If you enjoy vampire and werewolf romance, you do not want to miss this one!

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