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ISBN# Paperback-(10)0061147230/(13)9780061147234/E-book-(10)0061472417/(13)9780061472411
September 2007
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ophelia Jensen is a librarian and psychic, who wishes to adopt Tink, a young medium. She loves Tink like her own daughter and will do anything to protect her.

Aunt Dot decides to pay Ophelia a visit and soon after, a murder is committed.

Abby is Ophelia’s grandmother and does not care much for Aunt Dot’s meddling.

Dr. Christopher Melon meets Ophelia at a speed dating function. He loves animals and seems to hit it off with Ophelia.

Tink begins to have visions that she does not understand. When she learns Mr. Buchanan, the man who was on the plane with Aunt Dot, was murdered, she feels responsible. Tink never could make the message out and Ophelia informs her there was no way she could have warned anyone about a terrible death when she was not really aware of it. Aunt Dot is a bit eccentric. Her particular talent is that she sees fairies. She believes she is the one to figure out the murder. Whenever she has a reason to justify her opinion, she has a habit of pointing to the fairies. It all makes Abby want to scream since Aunt Dot has come to visit. While everyone gets involved with the mystery behind the gruesome death, Ophelia is busy trying to adopt Tink and find a replacement for Darci, her assistant and friend. In the meantime Darci believes Ophelia should go to a six-minute dating service. Reluctantly she agrees, and meets Christopher who seems to be a nice person and a doctor. As other happenings begin to take form, Ophelia fears that Tink is in danger. When her worst nightmare happens, Ophelia pulls all the stops to save Tink.

The prologue to The Witch is Dead was enough to pull me into this fantastic story. When I began reading about the elderberry wine with Aunt Dot and Abby, I recalled the movie with Cary Grant. This sweet read is just as spectacular. The reader gets a feel for how deep Ophelia’s love goes for Tink. The emotion is truly in-depth. I thought it was cute when Abby said she would be glad when all the wine was gone after Aunt Dot kept meddling. Ophelia, Tink, Abby, and Aunt Dot are well-developed characters. They bring so much to the storyline. The town even has its own big gossiper. Tossed in with some shady secondary characters, Shirley Damsgaard creates one enchanting read that is purely delightful. Her intriguing writing still captivates me.

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