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ISBN#: 1-4201-0122-6
January 2009
Kensington Books
850 Third Ave, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10022
Mass Market Paperback
320 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Jessica Sullivan is a Shakespearean actress and a virtuous one, unlike her very beautiful roommate Michelle. She ran away from home to get married, but was abandoned. Now she works to replace the money she took from her and her brother’s inheritance.

Leland Montgomery is the eldest son of a very wealthy Bostonian banking family and the black sheep. He makes his living as a gambler and is a very good friend of Michelle’s.

Jessica has been working steadily for six years to repay her brother for the money she stole from their inheritance. She trusts her troupe manager to hold the money for her, but that trust is severely misplaced. Her roommate’s philosophy is very different. Michelle uses men for what she can get out of them. Leland is one of these men but also a friend, and she sees the attraction between Jess and Lee and is determined to get them together. Fate intervenes when the manager is murdered and Jess and Lee are arrested. Their adventures have only just begun.

I really enjoyed this exciting tale. The two main characters are as different as they could possibly be, Jess is a respectable woman in a profession full of women who are anything but, and Leland left a respectable life to gamble. Jess’s past makes her reluctant to trust any man, and Lee is just a little too much like her missing husband for comfort. Their differences make their story all the more involving and once they leave San Francisco, their adventures make the book impossible to put down. The author has created memorable characters and has a gift for describing the West of the late 1800’s very well. The subplot of Jess’s ex makes the story even more interesting. The story of Lee’s sister Star looks to be just as interesting.

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