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ISBN: unavailable
February 2008
Whispers Publishing
48 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Olympia Abbot is an archeologist in Greece. She is continuing the search for the statue of Zeus with the knowledge that her family gave their lives pursuing this dream. Her quest for finding the statue is almost as consuming as her love for Lucas.

Lucas Cole is Olympia’s partner at the archeological site. He was also her brother Troy’s best friend, and promised Troy that he would protect Olympia from harm. He also promised to keep his hands off of her; a promise that he will forever regret making.

Olympia knows that they are close to finding the statue, if the money and support of her staff hold out. However she is not getting any closer to Lucas, no matter how hard she tries. She loves him, has loved him for years, but he pushes her away at every turn. Lucas wants nothing more than to wrap his arms around Olympia and never let go, but his conscience will not let him. The promise he made on Troy’s deathbed haunts him day and night. With time and money running out, Olympia and Troy crack the code on the stone that could lead to the statue. Elation and joy resolve into a night of partying and passion, but will it also lead to the end of a friendship that could have been so much more?

Dirt, sweat, and tears, with some steamy romance thrown in, are a great plot line to any story. Ms. Carrell’s characters have angst written all over them. The sexual frustration between Olympia and Lucas is fierce. She also sets the scene for a good murder mystery, which would have been an interesting element if developed. I enjoyed the story, and if you want to spark some romance in your day, this is the perfect little read.

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