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ISBN# 978-1-60054-222-0
March 2008
Love You Divine
111 Pages
GLBT (lesbian)
Rating: 4 cups

Rita is African-American, gay, and lives in Chicago. She is co-owner of a restaurant with her partner Carla. When Rita is told by an employee that her business partner and lover Carla is cheating on her, she does not want to believe it at first. However, when she catches Carla in the act in her own bed, she is furious. Not sure what to do, she packs a backpack and catches a Greyhound bus to nowhere.

Sienna owns a tourist shop in Half Moon Lake, Illinois and is married. Her husband travels all the time and only comes home to wash clothes and pack before leaving again. She has been considering divorcing him.

Just as a storm is due to hit, Rita finds Sienna’s shop and asks for shelter from the lonely woman. Sienna is happy to have the company, and later the work around her shop and home that Rita does in payment for room and board. It is not long before the attraction between these two is so thick you can cut it with a knife, but will Sienna and Rita be willing to throw caution to the winds and act on it?

This is a lovely story about two women who needed a friend and found not only that but a lover as well. The sexual tension is wound tightly throughout the story, and the culmination is nothing less than satisfying. I liked how having Rita around gave Sienna the courage to do some things she had been avoiding. One thing I found interesting is how Ms. McKenzie was able to show how their strengths and weaknesses complemented each other; where one had a weakness, for the other it was a strength. This made the story very believable. I loved the description of Half Moon Lake, and its citizens very much. It is the kind of small town where everybody cares about and watches out for the other. A very pleasurable read that I recommend to one and all.

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