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ISBN: unavailable
April 15, 2009
Purple Sword Publications
47 Pages
Erotic Romance / Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Princess Sanji looks toward her upcoming nuptials with a serious lack of enthusiasm, and a slight inkling of fear. Her betrothed is not a nice man, but her opinion means little in these matters.

The mountain people have suffered at the hands of Prince Abishak’s warriors, and it is Raj-Kumar’s role to exact payment for their loss. He demands retribution, and if that means kidnapping and ransoming the beautiful princess, that is exactly what he will do.

Sanji is more disturbed by her heated attraction to Kumar, than she is by her abduction. This man stole her from her home, but all she wants to do is fulfill a desire so strong it invades her every thought. She has no desire to return to the abuse sure to be heaped upon her by her future husband, but at the same time she is devastatingly aware that Kumar’s people desperately need the goods received by her ransom. Her life has never been her own; why should it be any different now?

The Warlord’s Price is quite the sparkling little jewel, sure to put a twinkle in your eye. Sanji is such a sweet and passionate soul, and Kumar is every woman’s fantasy. He is strong, assured, and most notably, honorable. They complement each other in every way. Ms. Carole entices you with a wonderfully descriptive backdrop, and charismatic lovers that are sure to leave you tingling with delight.

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