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ISBN: 1-59998-918-2
April 15, 2008
Samhain Publishing
114 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Emma Carter is co-owner with her best friend Becky of Wallflower; a quaint little shop full of eclectic pieces to decorate your home. They love their shop, but both Emma and Becky strike out when it comes to men. The name Wallflower is a moniker they have both had to bear.

Dr. Max Cannon is finally back home, and it is time to get serious about finding a mate. The women hounding him are extremely persistent, but somehow they just do not feel right. The day he hears Emma’s sultry voice over the phone, he knows his search is over.

Emma is beside herself. The one man who turns her into a blubbering mass is back in town. Max has been the model for all of her nightly fantasies for as long as she can remember, but she is sure he does not even remember her. The chiseled features and stunning physique are just a nice backdrop for the most beautiful eyes Emma has ever seen. The only problem is, if she looks into them she is lost. Max could kick himself for not noticing how sumptuous Emma was a long time ago. All these years the perfect woman has been right under his nose. You would think a cat would have better instincts. Her curvaceous figure and sharp wit make her his ultimate companion. Now all he has to do is convince her that she can love a cat, and hope she does not emasculate him before he can mark her. Emma must fight her own insecurities before she can claim the right to be Max’s mate. If she fails, there will certainly be at least one other feline who would be more than happy to shove her aside, and claim Max for herself.

This story is a treat for the senses. The dialogue is hilarious, the characters are so unique and entertaining, and the sex ... well it is enough to make any red blooded girl squirm. I absolutely love Emma, she will leave you in stitches, and she is such a fantastic match for Max. Ahh Max; how can you go wrong with a man who will rub you in all the right ways? Who cares if he sheds in bed? The secondary characters are just as fantastic, and the next installment of the Halle pumas cannot come soon enough!

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