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ISBN#: 978-0-373-76865-3
April 2008
233 Broadway, New York, NY 10279
Mass Market Paperback
184 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Susannah is the proprietor of a concierge service. She has overextended herself and her new fiancé is going to help in that area. She does not need complications from a weekend fling gone wrong.

Van thought he had the deal for the resort in the bag when he set out for home after his time with Susannah. A mugger put him in the hospital for months and he does not remember that week or why the deal has fallen through.

Two people form a passionate connection at a tropical resort only to have a series of unfortunate circumstances separate them. Van is determined to get revenge for a deal that he thought was stolen from him and a woman he thinks betrayed him. Susannah is hurt by what she thinks is his rejection. A forced weekend together may repair the damage or make things worse.

This story is a bit formulaic with the amnesia angle but the tropical setting and the personalities of the two characters make the story very enjoyable. Susannah is determined not to be like her philandering father and even though she is not in love with her fiancé, she is loyal to him. Van is floundering, remembering only bits and pieces of their time together and frustrated by that as well as his failure to secure the island his dying grandmother is from. Their anger at each other leads to some pretty hot loves scenes. Susannah’s interfering mother adds to the tension, but all ends happily in this enjoyable read.

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