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ISBN# 1-59998-447-4
March 27, 2007
Samhain Publishing
216 Pages
Western Romance, Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

With five brothers and one sister, Brett Malloy has not had much to own in his life, so when he is given a deed to a ranch he keeps it a secret. Now as a ranch owner, he seeks a wife.

Doctor Alexandra, Alex, Brighton remembers how Brett walked away on their future, twelve years ago. She is shocked when he comes proposing. Especially since now, King Dawson is determined to make Alex his wife.

Brett is bubbling with excitement about the ranch, until he gets a close-up view of the whole dilapidated nightmare. Putting the numerous repairs aside, he sets out to ask his true love to marry him. Alex believes that Brett is the prettiest man that God put on earth, even if he is often taciturn and the biggest idiot. Yet he feels he can waltz into her life, forgetting how he broke her heart. Brett is not the only one plotting to make Alex his. King Dawson is persistent and obsessed with Alex, and not the kind of man to take kindly to being pushed aside for the likes of Brett. Alex has patients and has no time for this nonsense. That does not stop Brett. She is his gal, and this time he will not walk away.

The Tribute is a lovely page-turner. The storytelling creates more than simple visualizations; the reader is pulled into a living, breathing world drawn by Williamson’s vivid words. I could practically see the expression on Brett’s face after seeing the ranch. His continued interest in Alex breathes life into the pages. Beth Williamson creates a captivating romance that allows the heart to share the incredible sensations of Brett and Alex. The character of King Dawson comes off great as a villain. This is one passionate tale, that should be owned.

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