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ISBN# 9780553905939/9780553806854
March 24, 2009
Bantam Dell, a division of Random House Inc.
$22.00-E-Book/$22.00-Hardcover/$25.00 CAN
320 Pages
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Zoe Cyprienne Lane grows up with some of the most influential dràkons in her land, one of which is her best friend Rhys Langford. Growing up around such a spectacular male species as his, she cannot help but fall in love with all he is. When her sister shows symptoms of love for Rhys, though, Zoe turns her back on his love and friendship, determined to forget him.

Rhys knows that there is something about Zoe that pulls him to her. Even as children, she was the first he turned to when something happened to him. After she turns her back on their friendship, Rhys is determined to live life as if she did not even exist.

As Zoe grows older, other dràkons come forward in hopes of winning her hand and heart in marriage. When she chooses Hayden, a dependable and solid dràkon, Zoe knows she will come to love and trust him as her mate. As time passes by, Hayden is sent on a mission and disappears and Rhys is believed to be dead. Leaving the dràkons sanctuary is against their laws, but that is exactly what Zoe is determined to do, even if it means certain punishment.

With intense feelings and emotions, Ms. Abé has once again written a sensual and remarkable fantasy. The Treasure Keeper continues the story about a world filled with men who have the special ability to turn into dragons and the women who have special gifts of their own. What I love most about Ms. Abé’s stories is that each of her novels is intertwined but can still be read as a standalone. Zoe comes across as such a strong woman, something unique within the dràkon clique, and Rhys is an alpha male who can still show great emotions. A wonderful story filled with suspense, love, spicy sex, and heartfelt emotions, this book will have you aching for more.

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