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ISBN#: 978-0-553-80731-8
December 2008
1745 Broadway, NY, New York, 10019
368 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Selene was raised in the House of Nicholas as a slave until she was freed by Kadar for her sister. Now the sister-in-law of a powerful Scottish lord, she lives the life of a lady.

Kadar is a trained assassin. Even though he now lives in Scotland, he owes a favor to Sinan, an infamous warlord. His heart belongs to Selene, but he waits for her to grow up enough for him.

Selene and Kadar have always had strong feelings for each other. Kadar knows that Selene’s trust issues and insecurity make her unready for the kind of relationship he wants. Selene is hurt by Kadar’s active love life and does not understand why he does not want her, so she forces the issue and ends up kidnapped and held as hostage by a notorious assassin. Nasim wants a priceless treasure and knows that Kadar is the only one who can get it for him. The quest for the treasure leads the couple into places and a destiny that neither of them ever expected.

This story is very involved with memorable characters, an exciting plot, and an unforgettable romance. Selene and Kadar are both very strong-minded people who obviously love each other even though they do not know how to express it. The treasure is much more than they ever expected, and Kadar’s honor and his common sense fight with each other in dealing with it. Tarik and Layla have a similar relationship to theirs in some ways. Their estrangement is very sad since they obviously love each other very much. The love scenes in this book are very well written and moving, and there are plenty of action scenes also. The object the couple seeks is legendary and the consequences of finding it will affect their relationship profoundly. This is a very difficult story to put down and will definitely find a place on my keeper shelf.

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