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ISBN# 1-59998-617-5
November 2007
Samhain Publishing Ltd.
218 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Carrie Sinclair is thirty-five, single, and living in Austin, Texas where she runs her own catering company, Carrie’s Creative Catering. While attending a get-together, Carrie meets an eligible Texan who invites her to have dinner with him. Carrie succumbs to the charms of the Texan, against the advice of Steph, her best friend.

Tyler Bennedict works for his father who is a real estate tycoon. A reputed heart-breaker, Tyler has a bad track-record on the romantic front. Having all the attributes Tyler wants in a woman; beauty, blonde curly locks and a beautiful figure, Tyler does not waste any time in getting acquainted with Carrie.

Carrie habitually chooses losers as lovers and when Tyler Bennedict‘s chance invitation proves to be too irresistible, Carrie takes him on as her lover. Before long, their busy work schedules prevents Carrie from seeing Tyler regularly, also not being able to see Tyler on her own terms puts their relationship under pressure. Carrie has to contend with the knowledge that Richard‘s father does not approve of her. Richard not only exercises his power over Tyler, he is also continually sabotaging the meeting arrangements of Carrie and Tyler. Convinced that she is onto yet another loser, ending the affair, Carrie leaves town and starts a new life.

Carrie, as an independent woman running her own business, having lovers, and working through the associative challenges of those relationships, is an interesting concept. Her loving and healthy attitude towards family and friends shone through. I ran into difficulties when I discovered that three male characters possessed similar personality traits and identical behavioural patterns which starved the story of variety. Carrie had a tendency to enter into relationships with her lovers head on. There was also an evident lack of build-up in relationships. The story is a good read.

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