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ISBN: 1-60168-160-7
November 28, 2008
Aspen Mountain Press
427 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Tamsen Ka’antira, Countess of Asphodel, continues on her journey as a pawn in the game of the gods. Her success will mean redemption for the Elven race; her failure will ensure their annihilation.

Brial accompanies Tamsen throughout each of the trials she must face as the honored mortal daughter of the Virgin Huntress. He is bound as her protector, but more importantly as her husband, and bears the devastating heartache that comes with knowing she may very well have to forfeit her life to save their people.

Being crowned Queen of the Elves is just one more load for Tamsen to bear, but one that is her destiny. Her powers and knowledge increase with each conflict she encounters, as does the risks. The strain is driving her to the brink, and she tries desperately to keep Brial from knowing. She is shouldering the fate of an entire race, and not even her love for her husband may be allowed to interfere.

The saga of Tamsen and Brial continues in this vividly depicted tale of magic and mayhem. The reader falls headlong into this fantasy world of elves and humans. Each step in their journey is brilliantly and lovingly described, opening an entirely new realm for the reader to explore. This is certainly a must read, and one that should be read in order to truly appreciate the complexities of Tamsen’s struggle.

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