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ISBN# 1601540671
September 2007
The Wild Rose Press
P.O. Box 708, Adams Basin, NY 14410
Trade Paperback
200 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Heather is an orphaned woman scrapping by when she crosses a knight’s path. Finding a chalice she becomes a target of the knight until she touches a stone and water weeps from it. As the knight kidnaps her Heather realizes that her ability to make water run from a stone is the least of her problems as she sees the knight, Gair, as something more than a “lout”.

Gair has sworn to help the Templar’s after they saved his life. Their journey finally returns him to Scotland where he sees Heather and discovers her importance to Scotland. Running from the “Black Robe” army, Gair is also a man who believes that he can never be forgiven for his past, but vows to protect Heather, even from himself.

With a group of Templar’s and a Scottish Laird working to protect ancient treasure, Heather and Gair let a relationship build. Both, however, refuse to let down their guard, even when faced with dangerous battles, risky travels, and a mysterious Arab who has vowed to kill Gair.

This interesting novel has a different look at a popular subject. The subplots work but remain focused on the overall storyline. Gair is a wonderful tortured hero and Heather, though prideful at the beginning, becomes a strong heroine. While not a racy novel, it has one of the best descriptions of a kiss I have read. Another plus is Gair’s behavior; when faced with a dilemma he is honest and straight forward. I love this about Templar’s Treasure and congratulate Ms. Castle on an outstanding book.

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