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Cynster Novel Series
Book 1: Devil’s Bride
Book 2: A Rake’s Vow
Book 3: Scandal’s Bride
Book 4: A Rogue’s Proposal
Book 5: A Secret Love
Book 6: All About Love
Book 7: All About Passion
Book 8: The Promise in a Kiss
Book 9: On a Wild Night
Book 10: On a Wicked Dawn
Book 11: The Perfect Lover
Book 12: The Ideal Bride
Book 13: The Truth About Love
Book 14: What Price Love
Book 15: The Taste Of Innocence
Book 16: Where the Heart Leads
Book 17: Temptation and Surrender
Book 18: Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue
Book 19: In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster

ISBN# (13) 978 -0-06-084086-0 and (10) 0-06-084086-2
March 2007
William Morrow (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
$24.95 U.S./$31.50 Canada
352 Pages
Romance – Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

After inheriting the earldom on his father’s death, Lord Charles Morwellan, Charlie, eighth Earl of Meredith, feels it is his duty to produce an heir. Upon seeing some good friends wed and have children, he purposes to find a wife. Sarah Conningham is not only most reputable in the community, a most excellent choice, but first he must convince her it is in their best interest.

Sarah Conningham has always held a certain fascination for Charlie. When she does marry, she wishes it to be for love. After Charlie marks her for the perfect candidate for a wife, she deciphers her own plan of action.

Charlie has a duty to wed. Sarah’s sisters urge she marry first. She has an open mind and open eyes and desires happiness and true love. Charlie knows Sarah, who has already made a good name for her in the community, is his best choice to be countess. He sets forth to greet her and propose his intentions but he had no idea she would counteract with her own arrangement. Sarah spends most of her time at the orphanage, Quilley Farm. The land and the farm was left to Sarah, after her godmother, Lady Cricklade, passed. With thirty-one children, ranging from babies to a few thirteen-year-olds, Sarah continues to oversee it as her godmother instructed. She is surprised to hear that Charlie wishes to marry her. She accepts on one condition, a two-week courtship to make sure they are more or less compatible for complete love. Charlie agrees to her terms, as he begins his own plan of seduction. Neither expected true love to abound, but find it hard to openly express their feelings. Sarah begins to ponder on Quilley Farm, wondering if she commits to marriage to Charlie, what will happen to her precious orphanage. In all legalities once they are married it would legally pass to her husband. She is determined to see where Charlie stands on the issue especially when investors begin to make offers for her land. After villains start causing some wrong actions to happen to the orphanage, she begins to wonder if Charlie can even be trusted as things grow intense with each passing day.

The Taste of Innocence is a magnificent story loaded with romance, love and a deep passion that stirs among the young lovers, Charlie and Sarah. If any two people needed to find solace with each other, it would be these two refreshing, dashing figures that grace the pages wonderfully. Stephanie Laurens captivates the reader with thrilling imagination and visual details within the pages of a superb tale that it breathes life. She pens a masterpiece that carries a thrilling plot and secondary characters that lend much creativity and keeps the pages turning. Sensual, intriguing, alluring and rich in brilliant content, this is a remarkable read that blends just the right amount of romance and dangers, making this reader feel the excitement.

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