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ISBN#: 978-1-906590-18-5
June 2008
Total E-Bound
248 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Annaliese is a simple peasant girl struggling to survive. She has dreams of a sad prince and feels that she knows him.

Medardo De Vale is Immortal; the Tarot Prince. He lost the love of his life centuries before and sees his future as endless and hopeless. The Queen of Cups tries to reassure him in vain.

A young peasant girl dreams of a handsome prince far far out of her reach. The prince needs her to survive, or so the beautiful queen tells her in her dreams. Her family says that he sold his soul to the devil for immortality; she only knows that she is destined to be his and that she was his in another life.

This is an entertaining fantasy tale, though it can be confusing at times. The author is very good at descriptions of both characters and settings and there are some pretty bizarre characters to be found here, particularly the shapeshifting prophet and his witch companion. I found the reincarnation of Medardo’s lost love to be an interesting concept, but the flashbacks can be a bit distracting. There is quite a bit of excitement in this never boring plot and both Annaliese and Medardo are great characters. There is a definite medieval feel to the setting, though the present action is set in the late 18th century. All in all I really enjoyed the story and the characters once I sorted out the back story.

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