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ISBN#: 9781906811853
February 2009
Total-E-Bound Publishing
87 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Since she was a young lady, Callie Quinn has had to be a responsible party in her sister’s life. After her mother passed away, her life became even more rigorous when at eighteen she started raising her eleven-year-old sister.

Sin Cannon is the drummer for a popular band, Darkfever. With a bad boy persona, he constantly gets himself into trouble with women and the law. Meeting his public relations agent Callie for the first time, knocks him off his feet.

A year has passed since Callie and Sin had a night of mind-blowing sex and he proclaimed his love for her. After he asked her to marry him, Callie grabbed her stuff and ran out of the hotel room, only seeing him when he needed to be bailed out. More persistent than ever, Sin continues to declare his love for the rigid task master, even while he is being caught with his pants down. Can Sin get Callie to love him and marry him before it is too late?

The Sweetest Sin is the tale of how a man with a bad reputation tries to get the woman he loves to see past everything except his heart. Ms. Davis has definitely written a very sensual story; however, there is quite a bit that is unbelievable. The fact that Sin declares his love and asks Callie to marry him after they have had sex twice and have known each other for a few hours only is one problem. Another is that while the storyline itself is good, there is so much sex, I could not really enjoy the story. This short tale is an OK story and on the plus side, while it is part of a series, you do not have to read the first book to understand this one.

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