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ISBN# Unavailable
February 2009
Forbidden Publications
Price Unavailable
10 Pages
Paranormal Sweet Romance (Really should just be a paranormal-it’s not really sweet or a romance)
Rating: 3 Cups

Rob is not the nicest man in the world. He is a thrill seeker and is currently cheating on his wife with a neighbor he does not even really find attractive, just for the danger involved.

Ian is Rob’s best friend and married to his former girlfriend. He is fed up with Rob’s shenanigans and is reluctant to bail him out again.

Kate is Ian’s wife and Rob’s ex. She does not love him any more, but is his friend and more tolerant of his quirks that her husband, since they are Rob’s wife Carol’s problem now.

After a night of adultery and a box of wine, Rob finds himself on the remote Salt Island. This is the place he always goes when he makes a mess of his life. Having drunk too much, he is now stranded and needs to get off the island before the ghost of the pirate Samuel Black and his ship return for vengeance as they do during each nor’easter.

This book is billed as a sweet romance, but I just could not see it. The main character runs away from an angry husband and gets drunk on a deserted island, relying on his friends to rescue him. It is a pretty good ghost story, though. The author creates an eerie atmosphere that kept me reading the story despite disliking the main character. That part of the story is very well done and almost made up for the sociopathic hero.

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