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ISBN# (10)1-934912-08-5/ (13)978-1-934912-08-9
October 2008
Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
PO Box 567, Baker City, OR 97814
E Book/Print
$6.00/ $13.96
173 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Bailey Valo is having dreams; this time more frightening and more real. She knows part of it has to do with her sister, Sabrina, and Sabrina’s disappearance. More than anything, she calls out for anyone to help.

Lord Stefan Ashworth was conceived in Wales and born in England over seven hundred years ago. Along with some of his friends, he was placed under a certain type of punishment, similar to a living death. He responds when summoned by a lovely lady.

Bailey misses her sister, Sabrina, and wonders if she is safe. When Bailey summons for help, she is surprised to find someone like Ash appear. Having a mother who traveled from India in a caravan, and a father who was the grandson of a Hungarian count, Ash has mixed blood. He wonders why Bailey summoned him. Bailey finds him exotic and strong; his presence puts her senses on edge. Ash is eager to learn about her life. Bailey believes she can trust him, but she is torn. One minute she wants him to stay, the next leave. Ash jumps in to help find Sabrina, and each moment he is with Bailey draws them closer.

I found The Stone’s Release a magnificent read. I love the part where Ash says he has murdered no axes. He has a certain charm and personality that made me want to summon him just to hear him speak. I could visualize the background of the ranch, along with the Oregon setting. I love the one-on-one dialogue between Ash and Bailey. It is like they almost finish each other’s sentences. This book was a joy to read, entertaining and well-written, leaving this reader wanting more. Kerry A. Jones spins delicious characters Ash and Bailey in this outstanding tale that this reader thoroughly enjoyed.

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