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ISBN# Unavailable
October 2008
Forbidden Publications
108 Pages
Rating: 2 cups

Kurt is married with a young daughter. He works as a public health inspector.

Beth is married and owns a 40’s memorabilia shop.

When Kurt first meets Beth he is sexually smitten, but when he finds out she is married, he hesitates. She convinces him they can safely have an affair, so Kurt takes a chance on her in spite of the fact she has some weird fetishes. Still the sex is good, and so he continues the affair. On Halloween, Kurt suddenly has the feeling that he is being watched. It is not long before he is convinced he is being stalked, and soon after, Beth tells him a former lover is out of jail and she is convinced he is stalking Kurt. She convinces him that they kill this man. The problem -- Beth is not what she seems, and the ex-lover is someone other than who she told Kurt he was.

My biggest problem with this book is that none of the characters are likeable in really any way. The only thing that I could find even remotely okay about this book was Kurt’s love for his daughter, Megan. However, even that could not make me as a reader like him, or this story. The fact that he was willing to commit a murder based solely on the word of a woman he knew very little about except sexually struck me as very unrealistic. Most men would have questioned her more than he did, and would not have necessarily believed her. While I agree that lots of people, even good ones, make mistakes by marrying the wrong person or having affairs, there was just nothing that I could find likeable about most of the characters in this book.

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