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ISBN# 9781587496516
February 22, 2008
Awe-Struck E-books Inc.
155 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Cordelia Dunleigh is an interior designer who has been hired to redecorate Luis’ home. She thinks he is drop dead gorgeous but does not think he would ever be attracted to her.

Luis Montoya is a rich man with an infant daughter, Luz. He is in the process of finding a nanny for her. He likes what Cordelia has done to his home so far.

When Cordelia hears a baby crying, she goes immediately to help. She finds Luz, and discovers she has terrible diaper rash. When Luis comes in, she rips him a new one for not taking better care of his child. Luis has never met a woman who will stand up to him. He likes how Cordelia takes care of and loves Luz and asks her to look after the baby until he can find a nanny. When it becomes apparent that finding a good nanny is going to be difficult, Luis asks her to marry him in name only. Cordelia agrees, but there are others who do not want to see this couple happy and will do nearly anything to prevent it.

The Spanish Conquest is a fantastic read! The characters, both primary and secondary are compelling. The tenderness between Luis and Cordelia is beautiful. I loved how Cordelia just jumped right in and started taking care of Luz, and how she loved her unconditionally. The many mean-spirited women that are jealous and want to keep Cordelia and Luis from being happy added just the right amount of emotional tension. Cordelia’s uncertainty about Luis’ love is endearing and makes her seem very real. I also liked how Luis was able to really look at himself and understand his own strengths and weaknesses. This book is a keeper and one that I am very happy to recommend!

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