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ISBN# (10)1603706011/(13)9781603706018
January 14, 2009
Torquere Press, Inc.
175 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Horror
Rating: 5 Cups

Phoenix Love works as a bartender in a seedy bar for a man who is less than respectable. Working for wages that are in cash and under the table, he uses his fast hands to pick pockets, needing the extra cash to take care of his brother.

Constable Daniel Hart is helping out his partner and friend, Rachel, who is trying to catch her fiancé in the act of cheating. While there, he catches a beautiful man picking his pocket and spitting in customers’ drinks. Daniel is intrigued enough to come back and see if the beautiful man with the face of an angel is as interested as he is.

While Daniel and Phoenix dance around their attraction, a brutal serial killer known as The Crucifix Strangler has struck again after a four year hiatus. Detective Paul Somerset has been on the tail of this serial killer since his first slaying years ago. When he finds out Phoenix is not who he says he is, it leads him on a new trail, one that pegs Phoenix as the serial killer. With the clues leading to multiple suspects, Daniel and Phoenix try to keep their relationship afloat, even as the real killer strikes over and over again, leading the police in a tailspin that leaves them stunned as to who the real killer is.

The Slayer’s Apprentice is a novel that has left me speechless; Mr. Priest has written an exquisite novel with so many elements and emotions that will just squeeze your heart tight. The suspense alone had me walking away, afraid one moment to read more and at the same time aching to turn the page. The sensual attraction between Daniel and Phoenix is so amazing and heartfelt; it left me breathless with so much emotion. When Daniel was portrayed as the only person willing to believe Phoenix, it made me angry at everyone else, made me want to reach into the novel and strangle that darn Detective Somerset myself and berate him for being an incompetent fool. With the brilliant portrayal of Phoenix's multiple characteristics and the way Daniel dealt with them all, this is a story that has you guessing until the very end and will definitely keep you on your toes. Unquestionably, it is a must read tale for anyone!

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