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ISBN# (10)0-352-34157-2/(13)978-0-352-34157-0
February 2008
Black Lace (Virgin Publishers)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
272 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Iris Instasi-Fox Tabernacle Friday is a professional werewolf hunter. After her twin brother, Matthew, was killed and her boyfriend, Alfie was infected, her life changed. She is committed to killing werewolves, a bit of a problem since Alfie is now one.

Alfie Friday realizes the pain Iris incurred when she lost Matthew. Alfie has gone through a changing as well, after being attacked that same night by a vampire, shifting him into a beast of sorts. He is a sire who has fallen hard for a werewolf killer.

Iris is good at killing werewolves. It is a challenge she is trained for and does every full moon. When the inevitable happens with Alfie and he is changed to a werewolf, it presents a bit of a conflict. Her boss, as well as her soon to be ex-husband, Blake, love power trips and will do anything to destroy any happiness she finds. It appears a group of witches even add to her troubles. They believe she is meant to save humanity by getting rid of the wolves. What else could possibly happen to make her world turn upside down? She and Alfie share tremendous passion together but Blake does not trust Alfie. Blake is aware the Silver Crown is made up of twelve powerful werewolves who will try to destroy Iris because of her power and her interference with their own. She must locate the Divine Wolf and stop him. Is it the end or the beginning for Alfie and Iris? And will Blake succeed in destroying Iris and Alfie’s relationship or just give up?

The Silver Crown is the second book in the trilogy and is a heated erotic tale. Iris and Alfie certainly know how to steam any room they enter. Blake plays a harsh protagonist who will stop at nothing to be in control. The characteristics of Iris are strong as she is not afraid to stand up to anyone. I love her interactions with Blake and how she faces off with him. Mathilde Madden crafts a werewolf story that almost reaches through the pages and takes a bite of the reader. Along with the sexy, steaming scenes, she adds a touch of horror, mystery and supernatural into this interesting read that sweeps the reader into a gripping adventure.

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