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ISBN # Unavailable
October 2007
Eternal Press Publishers
34 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Martee Hollywood is a psychic medium. She is highly intuitive when it comes to the emotions of people and speaks to the dead. This bodes well for her career as a Seeker, or modern day ghost hunter.

Trip Ericson is the head of the Seekers, and also the only man to really get under Martee’s skin. He loves Martee, but trying to convince her of that is becoming a full time job.

The first story has Martee, Trip and the rest of the team being called to an old Victorian home. The current owner is beside himself due to the overly amorous and noisy ghosts that reside there. Martee immediately is confronted by gorgeous ladies and a gentleman who have no desire in leaving. They are perfectly content to stay and Martee has her work cut out for her. In story two Martee and the gang go to Connecticut to rid an inn of a crying ghost. The ghost is a murdered young Indian woman who was torn from her lover by prejudice and now cries for her lost love. Martee and Trip must reunite the lovers if the innkeeper is to have any peace. They are humbled by the pain and suffering that the young couple endured, and may just realize what true love really means.

Both of these stories are deliciously erotic, like a bite of dark chocolate that feels like velvet on the tongue. Ms. Marsden fills her story with a sharp wit and fun characters. These characters are also intense and very open with their sexuality. I loved the interaction between Martee, Trip, and the ghosts. This brought a hint of multiple sexual partners to the story in a very tantalizing way. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and look forward to more from Ms. Marsden.

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