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ISBN#: 978-1-59426-485-6 / 978-1-59426-486-3
August 2007
Mundania Books
6470A Glenway Ave, #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211
E-Book/Trade Paperback
216 pages
Paranormal Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

He is part Sam Spade and part bloodhound; even for a werewolf, Harley Wolf is unusual. The motorcycle riding private detective is vegan and addicted to Seattle’s most famous product.

Helene Star is the werewolf owner of an espresso stand and the alpha of her pack. She and Harley have a loving if complicated relationship. A former street kid, she is more the traditional type of were.

Someone is killing the barristas of Seattle. Harley Wolf is uniquely qualified to assist the police in their apprehension of the killer, especially when the killer targets someone he loves. Pack politics also cause problems in Harley’s personal life.

I really enjoyed this unusual mystery. It starts off like an old fashioned detective novel until you are told that the gumshoe in question is a werewolf. Harley is conflicted about this as well as his human side, which makes things interesting. The coffee house angle makes this story a little different also. The characters, despite their extra normal aspects are very real and vivid and the author really does a good job describing the setting and the action. He does a good job of describing his version of werewolf culture also without straying from the story line. The dialogue was well done and flowed well. There is even a good romance between Harley and Helene as a subplot. Add this to a well thought out and complex mystery and you have a really exceptional tale.

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