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ISBN #978-0-399-15543-7
January 2009
G.P. Putnam’s Sons/Penguin Group
$24.95 US/$27.50 CAN
240 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lillian is a connoisseur of foods. As a child, she embarked on a journey that taught her to feel food; let it take over your senses. She now owns her own restaurant and she infuses her knowledge into that as well as teaching a cooking class.

The students come from many different walks of life and have come to this class for many different reasons, never realizing that they are about to find what they truly need in the heart of these classes.

Both the students and Lillian take away so much from these classes. Lillian always seems to know which student needs what; teaches what she knows and infuses it into their own situation. Each student starts working thru issues in their life and finds a new perspective on their lives.

What an interesting book this is. Always a food lover, I am not sure I will look at it the same again. Ms. Bauermeister allows the reader to feel all, letting it take over your senses like a gentle lover, or a fine wine. The vivid details are all in your mind as you read, in addition to enjoying each student’s story. If you are looking for a complete mind and body experience then this is definitely a book you should take the time to read.

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