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ISBN#: 0-446-610801-2
October 2008
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Mass Market Paperback
352 Pages
Historical Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Sofia is a Merlin, a trained spy. This is the only identity she knows, she does not even know her real name. A slum orphan, she was picked to be trained and strives to be the best.

Lord Deverill Osbourne, also known as Lord Sunshine, is a very popular member of the Ton, particularly with the ladies, but there is more to this man than the fashionable fribble he shows on the outside.

When a young lord is found dead of a drug overdose, his grandfather and the head of the Merlins are suspicious. A group of aristocrats known as the Scarlet Knights are suspected of running an illegal drug ring among other activities. This is Sofia’s first mission, and she is determined to be as successful as her friends Shannon and Siena. She is to be assisted by the handsome Lord Sunshine, but has to keep her identity a secret. Lord Osbourne is more observant than anyone knows, so keeping secrets will be very difficult.

I really enjoyed this novel. The characters are well written and very real, and the author has a wonderful grasp of the time period and its customs. Sofia is a wonderful character in particular. She is dying to know where she came from, the only clue being a locket she has had all of her life. Osbourne knows exactly who he is and is bored by his life. Sofia definitely livens things up. The attraction between the two is immediate and strong, and their love scenes are both inventive and very hot. The suspense portion of the plot is very involving, and I could not wait to see what happened next. The plot leads up to a very exciting climax and a satisfying ending. I definitely have to read the other two books of this series.

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