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ISBN: 9780061711572/9780060791063/9780061559273
June 2000-Hardcover/March 2001-Paperback/Paperback Reprint-January 2009
Harper, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
Paperback, Audio CD
432 Pages
Fiction, 18-And Up
Rating: 5 Cups

As a senator from Georgia, Will Lee knows that at some point in his life he wants to try and shoot to the top of politics. Being good friends with the Vice President will hopefully help his future in the big leagues when the time comes.

Joe Adams is the Vice President of the United States and, as a public servant to the people, he does his job well and thoroughly. On his annual visit to the doctor, he gets his usual routine and clearance to continue helping the President with the nation’s running.

Mere days after Joe’s check-up, Will gets a call to come see the Vice President and his wife at Camp David. While there, he finds out that while the annual doctor’s appointment went smoothly, they discovered that Joe is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. With that in mind, the Vice President guides Will toward looking at the presidency a little earlier than expected. As Will gets a jumpstart towards the oval office, it brings out a man determined to terminate the hopeful candidate before he has a chance even to put his name on the ballot, someone who at this very moment may be standing a mere breath away from him.

If I had been shopping at the local grocery store and seen The Run by Mr. Woods, I would have walked right on by and what a horrible mistake THAT would have been! As this is not my normal book to read, I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it is, and anyone who has not tried this author, please do! Even though the novel is about politics, there is so much intense suspense and action that you will be thrilled from the first page until the last. What astounded me the most was that the villain in this was actually very likable; I was almost hoping I was mistaken as to who it was. With terminology I could understand and a superb style of writing, this is a story fit for anyone who wants to read a non-stop political battle filled with thrilling escapades in a way that will have you breathlessly waiting to see what happens next.

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