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ISBN# 9780061239564/9780061239557
February 2009/ April 2008
Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Paperback/ Hardcover
$7.99 / $25.95
373 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Ethan Gage is an American adventurer in the year 1799. He is on a mission in the Holy Lands to find what he discovers may be a piece of the Holy Grail: the Book of Thoth. He is also searching for a woman named Astiza, whom he loves dearly, but is lost to him during a hot air balloon accident in Eygpt.

Miriam is the sister of the metalsmith, Jericho. She is a beautiful woman who has known much pain in her life. She dedicates herself to helping Ethan and his quest, though her brother does not believe it to be a wise decision.

Ethan leaves the ship amid controversy over a card game. While in the city of Jerusalem, he meets up with a ragtag bunch who will aid him in his quest for the Book of Thoth. Ethan is eager to keep this from falling into the hands of Napoleon as well as the other leaders. This is a powerful book which will decide the outcome of the Holy War. Whoever learns the secrets within this book will be a dangerous enemy.

What a fantastic book! Full of action and adventure, the reader is never quite sure how Ethan's luck will go. The characters in this tale are fun and unusual. As a reader, you get to travel through places you have only dreamed of and meet people you will never have the chance to meet. I appreciate when an author does not recite the history I learned in school. The new spin on the history I was taught had my attention from the start. Mr. Dietrich caught me in his web of words and held me prisoner until the very end of this tale.

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