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ISBN # Unavailable
March 9, 2008
Drollerie Press
319 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Shannari is as tough as a woman can be when she is the Lady's last Daughter. She is to rule with the Rose crown and be High Queen of the Green Lands. She dreams of peace for her land and people. Only, there are just as many people out there that want her dead as want her to rule. She has had many attempts on her life. Yet, if this is her destiny, how can she accomplish it with little or no magic and her heart frozen and broken?

Khul, a barbarian warlord, has dreamed of his beloved for years, and when he sees Shannari, he knows she is the one; his one, true mate. He conquers her army, takes her with him, and professes his undying love for her. He feels her want and lust for him but he also wants her love, something she claims she cannot give. Has his heart chosen wrong?

Not only has a bond been made between Khul and Shannari, but one has also been formed between Shannari and Gregar, a blood who also shares a bond with Khul. With many questions looming, are these bonds enough to help her when she must battle the darkness and keep it at bay? Or is this the way fate has played the last hand?

The Rose of Shanhasson is a strangely enticing book. It seems to have a lot of mystery and questions, hints at a different-types of folklore and magic. All of which I enjoyed, however I felt the story was a bit choppy at times, slightly confusing me. With that being said, I found the overall read very entertaining and enjoyed the journey that answers those mysterious questions and peaks at a fantasy world that you should allow your mind to travel to.

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