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April 30, 2007
Amazon shorts
15 Pages
Regency Satire
Rating: 4 Cups

Marlene, Earl of Maybegood is a noted sportswoman and known for her carelessness in the matter of fashion. She shuns fancy dressing.

George Longjohn is a gentleboy and heir of the local squire, Longjohn. The lad is greatly admired for his form, grace and five thousand pounds per year.

Carolina d’Arvon, Caro, is Marlene’s friend. She introduces Marlene to George.

The Earl of Maybegood supervises numerous estates, and as an affluent member of the peerage, Marlene is judged to be a catch. Many fathers would be honored for their sons to choose her to produce them heirs. She is a graduate of Oxford and an entry of the Polite World. Her manner of dress is secondary; believing if anyone really desires her, her attire will not matter. She and Caro are out riding when they spot, George. He is but eighteen and absolutely gorgeous in his riding apparel. Caro notices Marlene’s attraction for George. After George and Marlene’s little meeting, he is unable to busy himself with usual occupations. He and Marlene are to meet on Saturday eve, but Marlene takes matters into her hands earlier. Caro believes that Marlene should not encourage George but Marlene wishes an honorable proposal. But is it one that George will agree to?

The Romantical Groom is a vivacious read that moves along quickly in this upbeat romance. I liked Marlene and her spiritedness to be her real self. She is outspoken and not afraid to go after her desires. I found George to be equal to Marlene when they are together. He never has been around many females and Marlene brings out his forte. Sue Swift creates a passionate story about life and love. She creates likeable characters with interesting names in this pleasant tale.

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