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ISBN# 9781554872459
March 2009
eXtasy Books
209 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Faye used to be a hooker. She was doing research for a sociology degree and that was part of her product. She also used to be alive. Now, she and her live-in lover Tony help the girls organize and are trying to keep the Mob at bay.

Tony is an investigative reporter. Through the help of Faye, he has exposed some of the biggest names in organized crime. The fact that Faye is a ghost has little effect on their relationship.

Tony and Faye need assistance in keeping the girls of their independent hooker’s union safe. They recruit unemployed computer programmer Jerry and his Marine buddy, the drug dealer hating ex-con, Mike, to act as security for the girls. Jerry’s friend Terry, a cop, is also aware but not involved. A rival mobster is looking to retire, but his boss is determined to eliminate the competition.

This is an entertaining story with quirky characters and an unusual premise. I had a hard time pinning down the time period the story was set in; Jerry and Mike met in Nam, and are later texting on their phones, making them a little long in the tooth for the job they are doing. But, aside from that and Jerry’s pale blue interview suit, this is a thoroughly enjoyable story, with a lot of humor and a ghost who is unique. She has all the characteristics of a living person and her one ghostly ability is invisibility. The subplot of Annie and her involvement adds dimension to the story.

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