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ISBN# 9781419980145
October 2007
The Lotus Circle
248 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Cassie West was adopted by the woman she calls Aunt Eudora. She has never really wondered about her heritage but has been encouraged to hide her powers. She was unaware that Eudora had plans for her future.

Nate Chambray is dedicated to the candidates cause, so much so that he is sure he will be able to turn over the woman that he has loved for many lifetimes to his friend.

The Peace Seekers have always sought to improve the lot of people, but dark forces are always trying to defeat them. They are now after Cassie who retains no memory of her previous lives. Nate is to be her teacher, but she feels that he should be something more.

Buried in a lot of New Age philosophical dialogue is a pretty good suspense story, but it takes a little patience to enjoy it. The whole Peace Seekers philosophy is not totally explained and I had a really hard time with Nate, Seth, and Eudora’s deciding the life of a twenty-nine year old professional woman without her consent. On the plus side, the characters are well written and the settings are very vividly painted. Cassie is a great character put into an impossible situation, but she remains sympathetic and likable. The community at Kalaska was a lot more understandable than the political team and I started to enjoy the story when Liz and her friends entered it.

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