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ISBN# (13)978-1-60370-419-9/(10)1-60370-419-1
July 2008
Torquere Press
83 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 cups

Nick Pardoner is a werewolf and a private investigator. He hunts down demons and traps them so they cannot bother regular humans, as well as finds possessed antiques for his friend Albert.

Alex is a vampire who does not seem to know much about what that means. He meets Nick by accident after getting away from a very powerful demon.

When Nick spots Alex in a bar, he knows he has to kill him. After all, he promised his buddy and mentor Albert he would kill any vampires he came across. However, Alex catches him by surprise and instead knocks him out and runs off with his wallet, only to show up later and basically move in. Nick likes Alex in spite of himself. While Alex, who is bi-sexual, makes it clear from the get go that he would not mind a little hanky panky with Nick, Nick really is not interested. When his mentor and his mentor’s niece are murdered, he and Alex skip town when it becomes apparent a big-time demon is behind it. Will they survive? Is Alex all he professes to be?

The Pardoner’s Tale has some very humorous moments, and I found myself cracking up in places. The storytelling in this book is good, which is why I gave it a three cup rating. However, it should not be labeled an erotic romance. The author leads the reader on with the idea that something is going to happen between Nick and Alex, and then when something does, the conclusion leaves you disappointed. The fact that the blurb indicates a romance, and the genre does as well is just deceptive. With a better genre description, and or more romantic action between Nick and Alex, this book could easily be a five cup rating.

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