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ISBN# 978-1-935192-58-9
February 9, 2009
Dreamspinner Press
164 Pages
M/M Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

David Carmichael works for a newspaper. He is gay and has pretty much given up on finding that special someone. After seeing several of his friends die from AIDS, he has become very picky about who he allows into his bed.

Trace Jackson works for a rival newspaper and is David’s best friend. He loves David, but it is purely platonic.

When David gets a blinding migraine at work, it is all he can do to make it home without getting into an accident, the pain is so debilitating. When he arrives home, he discovers he has no migraine medication. He calls Trace for help, and Trace arrives and stays to care for his best friend. However, when David passes out in the bathroom and breaks his shoulder, Trace ends up staying much longer, and it is not long before both David and Trace are having feelings for each other that are anything but platonic.

Wow, I loved this story! The One that Got Away is one of the best gay contemporary romance stories I have read this month. I loved the emotion; how the authors took a solid platonic relationship between two men, one who had been straight up until then, and built on it, forming an even stronger bond between David and Trace. The way that Trace so tenderly takes care of David, even being supportive when David finally admits he is gay, just made me smile. In fact, I spent a lot of time smiling while reading this book. If you have never considered reading an M/M romance before, I highly recommend this one for newbies, it is the perfect book to introduce someone unfamiliar with the genre. Kudos to Ms. Aile and Ms. Urban, I will be buying more of both your books!

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