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ISBN# (10): 0-373-30526-5 / (13): 978-0-373-30526-1
August 2007
Harlequin Historicals
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
291 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cecily, once known as Lady Cecily of Fulford, is in retreat. As she gets on her knees to offer prayer at St. Anne’s chapel, she vows not to utter a sound until after the nuns break their fast the next day. Unfortunately, loud screaming from her sister, Emma, breaks the silence. Cecily learns that their mother has just died giving birth to their brother. Emma is also upset because she has been given in marriage to a knight because she is ward of Duke William. She does not wish to wed Sir Adam Wymark and she is not staying for any wedding. That throws a curveball into Cecily ever becoming a nun, then again, Cecily has considered finding a way of escape and perhaps this is her opportunity. Now Cecily is faced with meeting Adam and embarking on becoming his wife.

Sir Adam Wymark has been promised Lady Emma Fulford for his intended bride, but when her sister, Cecily, jumps in, asking could she be a replacement, Sir Adam is completely caught off guard.

Adam is surprised that Emma has run off and more so to learn she had a sister. She has no dowry and what money her father left her was used by the church for improvements. Mother Aethelflaeda does not wish her novice, Cecily, go with Adam, but Cecily knows it may be the only way to keep her brother safe. Adam and Cecily spend more time together and he will do whatever is necessary to protect Cecily and her family’s land, even if it means falling in love with a woman that is the sun, moon, and even his soul to him.

The Novice Bride is a splendid tale that captures the heart immediately. The conflict between the characters is remarkable. I love Cecily and Adam and their dialogue, their chemistry, and the way they work on starting their relationship. The history is rich in detail and the imagery is so vibrant that one gets caught in the historical moment. It was hard not falling in love with Cecily and everything she endured. I love the courage she exhibits. Carol Townend spins a brilliant tale from the start. She makes her characters so very real, even to the point where Cecily puts the safety of her brother first. This fast-paced tale is one that I really did not want to end. One thing is certain, I do not think that I will ever forget Cecily, Adam or some of the well-developed secondary characters.

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