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ISBN# (10) 0-7582-2367-6/(13) 978-0-7582-2367-8
August 2008
Brava/Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
336 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Helena Harcourt is a widow who has paid a high price for having married above her station. She comes from a wealthy merchant family and her father married her to a peer of the realm. She is also a gifted artist who paints from the heart and soul, and whose paintings have garnered high acclaim in Paris and elsewhere.

Nicholas Ramsay is richer than Midas, but he did not start out that way. A survivor in every sense of the word, Ramsay has come from low beginnings to the highest echelons of society. Unfortunately, he sees in Helena a way to exact revenge for what happened to him in the past, and he means to do so no matter what.

When Helena goes to an opium den seeking oblivion from the strictures placed upon her by society and her husband’s family, she has no idea who the man who comes upon her and begins speaking to her is. He seems to offer a possibility of safety from her husband’s nephew who wants to have her put away in Bedlam for moral insanity so he can have control of her fortune. However, she knows deep down that he could be an even bigger threat to her. When her nephew’s men come again and again to capture her and have her sent to Bedlam, Ramsay arrives just in the nick of time to save her; the last time he goes so far as to take her away in a ship. She is less than happy about this, even though he has offered her the opportunity to help him find Darwin’s missing link and to do the drawings of whatever fossils they find, as well as ones of what the link might look like. The two become lovers, but trust is still difficult to come by on both their parts, and it is that very lack of trust that could get them both into serious hot water, for Helena’s nephew has plans and those plans could destroy all they have discovered with each other.

The Midnight Man is a stunning read with lots of suspense, as well as hot sex! Ms. Mede paints the 1860’s a time when women were nothing more than property with graphic detail. Also in graphic detail are the descriptions of how women’s sexuality was viewed by men and society in general, which was truly appalling. Some of the descriptions of Bedlam and what happened there are difficult to read, but lend a tremendous amount of credence to the storyline. I loved how Helena kept fighting no matter what happened to her, as this made her seem very real to me. Ramsay was definitely shaped by what had happened to him as a child and young man, but as a reader his rise to glory, while dark and bloody, was well justified given what had happened to him. As a reader I was very much able to sympathize with him. This book has everything; love, suspense, history, and molten hot sex. The conclusion to this book was suspenseful and spellbinding, and is well worth my highest rating!

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