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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2008
Hearts on Fire Press
163 pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Detective Pete Fowler is following an anonymous tip about a murder in an office suite. Unfortunately he arrives too late to save the victim but finds a suspicious character in the crowd. Pete is not the type of officer to apologize for his treatment of those around him especially if he thinks they have what he wants.

Helen Kennedy is Pete’s second partner on this case. After the stabbing of her predecessor and Pete being shot in the shoulder, Helen and her captain take a great risk with her safety. But someone must help Pete and Helen appears to be the only officer in the department who is available.

The case is complicated and it soon becomes obvious that Pete’s instinct that it would become big was correct. Although he plays things close to his chest Pete manages to slowly work through the case and eventually bring all the parts together.

This is a difficult book to follow. I felt at times that I had pages missing from the story. Pete’s handling of evidence and interviewing was often confusing. I did not like the melodramatic behavior of some of the characters, although Pete did not fit into this category. I thought his callus opinion of the murder of his partner was unnecessary. I feel grateful that I will never need the assistance of such an incompetent police force.

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