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ISBN: 9780451226495/ 9781101025321/ 9781101026724/ 9781101026021 
April 7, 2009
Penguin Books, Limited
Trade Paperback
368 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

The last six years have been little more than a soulless glide to perdition for Piper Mills. She lives in a self-imposed prison that she does not care to escape, until the deaths of her grandparents expose a mystery which sparks a flare of life in her long forgotten spirit.

Time is nearing its end for Lillian Harrington-Ross. In her ninety years on this earth, regret is the one thing she has never allowed herself, but guilt has been an ever-present shadow for most of that time.

After nearly dying, only scars remain of Piper’s equestrian fame, but her internal scars run far deeper that any she displays on the surface. She pushed herself to be the best, excluding all others in her quest, but the death of her dreams derailed her life entirely. Now she has a mystery to solve, one that involves a grandmother she barely cared to know and a couple of her friends who have held onto a secret for more than seventy years. Piper sets out to the Asphodel Meadows Plantation, where its matriarch, Lillian Harrington-Ross has the answers she needs. Hopefully opening the doors to the past will begin a healing process in everyone’s life.

The most pervasive feeling throughout this book is sorrow, so deep it is embedded in each and every character. Piper is especially difficult to identify with, because she seems so young to have such a morose outlook on life. However, there is hopefulness in her quest to know her grandmother, and as much as it hurts uncovering the truth, you know it will be worth it in the end. The Lost Hours will have you questioning just how well you listen to the stories told by your parents and grandparents, and if the wisdom they impart is priceless.

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