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ISBN# #978-1-921347-05-4
March 15, 2007
The Dark Castle Lords
302 Pages
Medieval Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Jillian needs the right man to manage her family’s holdings so they can be rich again. She also needs to escape the terrible mistress who keeps her as a slave. Unfortunately, the man she asks for help, refuses.

Garrick, the Lord of Merewood Keep is fierce looking and built like a warrior. After hearing his brother Roderick is captive at Sedgeworth Keep, Lady Jillian approaches proffering a marriage deal.

Lady Jillian believes Garrick is her only savior and her future lies in his hands. With a husband King William can restore her family’s holding. Without Garrick’s help, her family is lost to the Norman King and she will forever be servant to the mistress of Sedgeworth. The wedding condition will also help his captive brother, Roderick. Jillian has another fear, that if Garrick accepts the offer, he will be repelled by her scars. Garrick’s warrior reputation with a sword and axe are a force to be reckoned. He reconsiders Jillian’s deal and feels it is not a sacrifice for him to take her as his wife. He knows the Lord of Sedgeworth cannot be trusted, but as a tough warrior he decides to come to the aid of Jillian never expecting to find true love.

A time of chivalry, of taking the initiative to do the right thing, can be felt in The Lord of Merewood Keep. This reader felt Lady Jillian emotions and could visualize her reactions. Her expressions come through quite vividly as she seeks to help her family. I found Garrick a sympathetic person with a very compassionate heart. C.H. Admiral pens a terrific, poignant tale that captivates with in-depth secondary characters in this page-turner. She is a talented author that sketches believability in her story that speaks loudly in this enchanting read.

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