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ISBN#: 978-0-9820025-1-3
November 2008
Rogue Phoenix Press
291 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Ariel Cameron is the owner of a boarding house in Misty Harbor, Oregon. An accident when she was a child left her with a severe limp. Years of her father condemning her as a cripple ruined her self esteem.

Mischa Petrovich McKenzie is the son of an English aristocrat and a Russian noblewoman and was born in the Crimea. His family was murdered, their home destroyed, and he wants revenge.

Revenge brings Mischa to Misty Harbor. He has traced some of the men who murdered his family to the town. Ariel’s father is one of those men, but she is unaware of his crimes. Others also have an agenda involving Ariel and Mischa. Damien Montgomery holds Mischa’s father responsible for the fall of his family’s fortunes, as does a mysterious man called Saber. It seems that everyone’s revenge plot centers on the innocent Ariel, but that very innocence wins Mischa over until all he wants to do is win her trust as well as her hand in marriage.

The Locket is a very exciting tale with a dramatic setting. The characters are complex and well drawn for the most part. The love story between Mischa and Ariel is by turns intense and tedious. Ariel’s hesitancy to marry dragged on just a little too long, and the townspeople’s response was just a little too over the top. The subplot of the two Pinkerton detectives was pretty interesting and the climactic scenes in the caves were very exciting. The two main characters were very charismatic and likable, but their inability to trust each other tended to detract from the story at times. Overall, this is a very entertaining story.

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