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ISBN: 9781426828454/9780373066704
December 2008
Harlequin Medical Romance
184 Pages
Tender Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Nurse Amy Phillips is at her wits end and not sure what to do. Living in an old Victorian house filled with six children, one who is deathly ill is not the worst problem. The biggest complications is that the family has to get out before the home is demolished and all before Christmas, which is only days away.

Dr. Luke Harrington works in the cardiology ward for St. Elizabeth’s Children’s Hospital, and he has seen his fair share of tragedies. When he unwittingly finds himself owning a rundown house, he makes plans to tear it down, sell the land, and donate the proceeds to charity. What he does not expect is to find it is being occupied by a feisty woman with six children in her keep.

Amy realizes that Luke is the owner of their home when he bangs on her doorstep and demands she leave the premises. He does not recognize her but soon realizes that she not only works in the same department as he, she has worked alongside him. As the Christmas season draws nearer, both Luke and Amy find their sparks of anger changing to sparks of attraction. When disaster strikes one of the children, Amy must trust in Luke’s capable hands to help save the child, even as another disaster comes about that could lead to them being homeless on Christmas.

Ms. Roberts has written a compelling story of how opposites can attract in the most unexpected ways. The Italian Surgeon’s Christmas Miracle is the story of how one woman’s optimism and love for everything can conquer all, even a man who believes Christmas is nothing more than “a Silly Season.” I especially liked how Luke comes to accept his past and how it shaped him into the man he is today. The way one of the children’s sicknesses was handled as far as needing a heart transplant was so bittersweet because even though this is fiction, there are parents out there waiting, hoping to get the help they need. A wonderful tale filled with love, hope, and goodness, this is a perfect story to read during the holiday season or any time you want your spirits raised.

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