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ISBN# (10) 0-7783-2424-9 / (13) 978-0-7783-2424-9
January 2007
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B, 3K9
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth Anderson takes her brother Ben, and niece, Amber and heads to a quiet weekend trip to the Florida Keys. It is there she spots a skull buried in the sand, but not wishing to fully uncover it around Amber or her friend Kimberly who happens to be also standing nearby, Beth decides to go and get Ben then come and dig up the skull. Unfortunately when she returns, it is gone.

Keith Hanson is on a yacht sailing with a group of men when he happens to run into Beth and the girls. He is in the area with friends just doing some diving and fishing, but not sure if he will indulge in any camping. At first he finds Beth a bit strange, even if she is most attractive.

Beth gets the chills when she spots the skull. After taking Ben to the spot, and there is no skull, and since Amber and Kimberly are the only others that knew there had been a skull, it is not enough proof to give to the authorities. Ben believes it will make a good ghost story around an open fire. The only other person she recalls walking around the area was the handsome man Keith that she ran into not long after discovering the skull. She wonders if he could have had something to do with its disappearance. Keith is one of the vacationers who happen to overhear her tale about the skull. He observes how the others just view her tale has a ghost story but he has his own reason for being on the island. Beth is determined to prove that the skull is real as she heads into her own investigation not realizing that someone else is keeping a close eye on her. As the mystery continues to revolve around Beth and her exploration, Keith continues to pop up exclaiming he is watching her back. When a body appears on shore, Beth believes that having Keith by her side just might be what she needs as the danger begins to heighten.

As always, Heather Graham spins a read that I can never put down once I start reading. She has the ability to carry the reader right into the actions, the emotions and all the expressions with each character she creates. The Island is full of suspense and even a touch of romance. I could practically see the eye contact and feel the vibes between Beth and Keith. The secondary characters are well-rounded and keep this fast-paced story moving at a consistent speed. This compelling mystery is on-the-seat entertainment that is thoroughly engaging. Ms. Graham gives a visual feel of being around the water, the sand and the exciting adventure at hand.

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